Sean is a Junior at Boston College – a mathematician at heart, but an avid fan of technology and startups. In the past, he’s worked with One, a social media startup based in San Francisco, and currently is a content intern at Fancred, a startup that seeks to unite the world’s sports fans. Sean could see himself going in a number of directions after graduation – but he ultimately wants to work for a meaningful technology company – whether it’s a company he starts or not. This semester, Sean participated in Tech Trek, Boston College’s world-renowned undergraduate startup course, and hopes to learn even more about the burgeoning startup culture both in Boston and in Silicon Valley.

Outside of the professional world, Sean is a lover of Boston sports, especially the Red Sox. He is a musician, formerly marching with the Boston College Screaming Eagles. Sean participated in the 2013 Boston Marathon but was unable to finish due to the bombings Many chose to finish their marathons in 2014, but Sean decided he just really doesn’t like running. He is a Maryland native, and probably has more state pride than you. Most of all, Sean loves sharing his experiences, and he appreciates whenever someone learns something or gains a new perspective from reading this blog.


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