Paradigm Shift

Hey all – haven’t been as active posting. Apologies.

However, I’d like to go ahead and declare the direction I plan to take this blog. Technology’s a very broad field to be writing about – ultimately it feels difficult to differentiate a blog when I’m talking about such a broad field. So I’m narrowing the focus of this blog significantly. This will still be a blog that occasionally talks about larger trends in technology, but it will mostly focus on Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies from this day forward. Bitcoin, or some later iteration of the general concept that Bitcoin introduced, will change the world. Any truly disruptive innovation comes to market with a set of traits not initially desirable to the base of consumers at large. We’re seeing this through the growing pains Bitcoin is experiencing. Mt Gox was an unmitigated disaster that has negatively impacted many, many people. Yet is Bitcoin dead? Absolutely not – it’s trading at around $620 USD today. Skeptics are everywhere, but by now, skeptics should be a positive sign – haven’t we seen this movie a few times already in the past 10-20 years?

But I digress, this is not the blog post where I explain everything there is to know about Bitcoin, and forever convince you that Bitcoin is the way of the future. Why? Because I don’t know enough about it to do so yet. We’ll be learning together as Bitcoin continues to disrupt the world.


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