Apps I Love – Buffer

I only have 8GB available on my iPhone (they don’t even make 8 gig iPhones anymore! I need an upgrade…), and a significant amount of that memory is occupied by my music library. I’d like to think that the remaining memory is precious, and only useful, quality applications deserve any sort of long-term real estate on my phone. So when I find such an app, I naturally want to tell the world. The one app I’ve found myself using all the time recently is known as Buffer. In a nutshell, one inputs social media updates into Buffer, and Buffer posts the updates at peak usage times to maximize reach. I personally just use Buffer with Twitter, but it can be used with a wide range of social media platforms, including Facebook and LinkedIn.

I tweet frequently about a range of topics. I find that Buffer allows me to tweet articles, blog posts, and other such things that I want potential employers and professional connections to see at peak usage hours, while I can tweet the silly occurrences of my daily life when said occurrences actually happen. Buffer is a simply fantastic organizational tool, and its basic services are free. They feature iOS and Android apps, along with an excellent web app. What I may perhaps enjoy the most about Buffer is the Buffer team. Check the Twitter account of Buffer itself, and of their CEO:





Now that is doing social media right, even just looking at the number of tweets and followers. Every time I’ve personally tweeted about Buffer, I’ve received some kind of interaction from one of these accounts. That’s an awesome way to keep the customers engaged and coming back for more, and it’s something I hope to emulate in the future. I think Buffer is a simple, but excellent concept that should take off very soon. Even just saying “I have an app that does my tweeting for me” sounds pretty damn cool. You can bet when I share this blog post on Twitter, it’s going in my Buffer.



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